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Dodd-Frank is an Unconstitutional Disaster


In his first term, President Obama passed two of the most sweeping expansions of federal power in history. The first, his federal takeover of the health care system, narrowly survived at the Supreme Court thanks to the refashioning of its mandate into a tax by Chief Justice John Roberts. The second, his federal takeover of the financial system, may not fare as well.

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Obama’s secret (and illegal) regulatory bomb

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The fiscal cliff looms and, because it would be the largest tax hike in history, certainly deserves all the attention it’s getting. But a regulatory cliff also looms — an astonishingly growth-crushing regulatory agenda that could be even more devastating than the fiscal cliff. How devastating? Obama refuses to tell us. And that’s illegal.

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Regulatory Tsunami if Obama Wins

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Obama’s Reelection Strategy: Bypass Congress

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He intends to do whatever he can via executive branch agencies.
Phil Kerpen
January 5, 2012 - 12:00 am

In a recent interview, President Obama reiterated his intention to bypass Congress to pursue his extreme policy agenda. That’s not in itself news; it’s been going on in every area of federal policy (as I discuss in detail in Democracy Denied) and the president has been boasting about it for months in his country-wide “we can’t wait” campaign. The notable thing this time around is that Obama offered his plan to bypass our elected representatives in Congress as an explicit re-election strategy.

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The REINS Act ends unchecked bureaucratic power

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By Phil Kerpen, vice president for policy at Americans for Prosperity - 12/02/11 09:39 AM ET

The upcoming vote on the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, H.R. 10, on the House floor will show clearly which members of Congress take seriously the legislative power vested in them by citizens under Article I of the United States Constitution.

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One Year Later, Obama Still Isn’t Listening

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Contrary to last year’s midterm message, he’s still pushing big government.

Phil Kerpen
November 2, 2011 4:00 A.M.

One of the largest landslide elections in the history of the United States took place one year ago today. Free-market Republicans, riding a wave of public anger at bailouts, stimulus, and big-government programs, swept into power, capturing 63 seats and control of the U.S. House of Representatives, not to mention six U.S. Senate seats and over 675 state-legislative seats all over the country — with control of 21 state legislative chambers shifting to GOP hands. It was a truly historic landslide that the American people rightly expected would put an end to the Obama agenda that had been fundamentally transforming America before our eyes. Politicians and pundits alike looked on in awe. But one man was unconvinced: Barack Obama.

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