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Obama Out-Taxes Clinton


President Obama likes his Clinton nostalgia — he has told the American people his tax increases are a return to the policies of the booming Nineties. It is ironic, therefore, that Obama insists on actually reversing one of the most critical economic successes from the Clinton years: the capital-gains tax cut. Before Clinton signed the 1997 budget deal, the capital-gains rate was 28 percent, and with Clinton’s approval of the cut it fell to 20 percent; Obama now insists on raising it to 23.8 percent, undoing not just Bush’s capital-gains-tax cut but almost half of Clinton’s, too. Such a move would undermine the fragile economic recovery while being unlikely to raise any federal revenue.

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The Debate Between Obama’s Promises and His Record

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The usual spin from both sides declaring victory in the vice presidential debate underscores just how stunning and unusual Romney's blowout win in the first presidential debate was. That win up-ended the race and catapulted Romney into the lead in most national polls. President Obama, in turn, has reacted by shifting his campaign's central theme from the implausible claim that Romney is an extreme conservative to an accusation that he's a flip-flopper. But it is Obama who has a head-spinning record of, on issue after issue, doing the opposite of what he promised on the campaign trail in 2008.

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Congress Has Real Work to Do in September

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When Congress returns to Washington in September, it needs to do more than hold a few political posturing votes before going home to campaign. Even if a continuing resolution to fund government is passed as expected, there are still serious unresolved issues that should not be left for an unaccountable lame-duck session. Not only should Congress act to avert the toxic brew of tax hikes coming at the end of the year, but it should also act to check lame-duck regulatory abuses by the Obama administration.

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Obama's tax hikes for the 'rich' plan is a disaster

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By Phil Kerpen
Published July 09, 2012

On the heels of the widespread exposure of President Obama’s health care law as a massive middle-class tax hike, his decision to bring back his infamous plan for “tax hikes on the rich” is an economic and political disaster.

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