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Will your senator stand up to Obama's union thugs?

We'll find out tomorrow. Thanks to Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi, the U.S. Senate will vote tomorrow on a Resolution of Disapproval that would overturn the NLRB's outrageous ambush elections rule. This rule was a part of the Card Check bill that failed in Congress -- but the NLRB is simply acting as if it's the law and imposing it anyway.

Go to NOW to tell your Senators to STOP the NLRB!

it's an egregious abuse of power from the same agency that sued Boeing for locating a new facility in South Carolina and is presently suing the State of Arizona to overturn its state constitutional protections for secret ballot protections in union elections. Ambush elections would let union bosses catch workers and employers off-guard with surprise elections in as little as 10 days. And ends key safeguards employers presently have to make sure eligible workers are properly defined before an elections takes place.

Go to NOW to tell your Senators to STOP the NLRB!

NLRB Chairman Mark Pearce has already said that if the rule stands, he'll push further with
force employers to make confidential employee information, including phone numbers and email addresses, available to union organizers. That could subject workers to harassment, intimidation, and even violence.

Go to NOW to tell your Senators to STOP the NLRB!

Phil Kerpen
American Commitment

P.S. We can't let Obama's regulators and bureaucrats bypass Congress and make the 2010 election irrelevant. If this Senate won't stand up to rogue agencies like the NLRB and the EPA, we must elect a Senate that will. Please forward this message to your friends and family to help spread the word.

Obama to bypass Congress in 2012

The Associated Press wrote a preview of 2012 that started with "President Barack Obama enters his fourth year in office having calculated that he no longer needs Congress to promote his agenda."

The article goes on to quote Josh Earnest, White House deputy press secretary. Earnest says Obama "will have a larger playing field. If that includes Congress, all the better; that's no longer a requirement."

So I write to remind you, my friends, that I wrote the book on this. And if you haven't read it yet, I would urge you to do so expeditiously. This dynamic will define the most significant public policy fights of 2012.

Democracy Denied is the book Mark Levin calls “a must-read for everyone who values our nation’s bedrock principles” and Glenn Beck calls “a literal guidebook on the progressive game plan.”

Democracy Denied exposes the Obama administration's agenda that disregards the American people, Congress, and the U.S. Constitution--and offers a plan of action to stop it.

Order here:

Let's win these fights together.

Happy New Year,
Phil Kerpen


Today is a big day for me, the official launch day of my book Democracy Denied.

Democracy Denied is the book Mark Levin calls “a must-read for everyone who values our nation’s bedrock principles” and Glenn Beck calls “a literal guidebook on the progressive game plan.”

In the book I expose the Obama administration's head-spinning tactics to implement its extreme agenda via regulation and without regard for the American people, Congress, or the U.S. Constitution. And I offer a plan of action to solve the long-term structural problems that made it possible.

Together, we can win the fight to genuinely limit government and restore freedom and prosperity.

For more information and to order the book, please go to:

Yours truly,
Phil Kerpen

P.S. Please help me get this vital message out by buying the book and sharing information about it far and wide -- via Facebook, Twitter, email, and word of mouth. Thanks!

Please watch this!

My new book is officially out October 18, but Amazon is already shipping orders.

Mark Levin calls it "a must-read for everyone who values our nation’s bedrock principles" and Glenn Beck says it is "a literal guidebook on the progressive game plan."

Please take 90 seconds to watch my new hard-hitting video, which uses Obama's own words to expose his abuses of executive and regulatory power:

If you like the video, I would greatly appreciate you spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

You can order the book at Amazon here:


PK 2009 Highlights

In 2009 we saw a continuation of the unprecedented threats to economic freedom that emerged late in 2008--never-ending bailouts, unconstrained growth of government spending, enormous Fed money creation, and a crippling debt burden for our children and grandchildren.

We also, however, saw the emergence of a mass-based resistance that promises to restore fiscal sanity to our country, standing up to the big spenders in both political parties and saying that enough is enough. The grassroots uprising at tea parties and town halls and rallies gives me confidence that our democratic system will work and will right the fiscal ship.

Come to the AFP Defending the Dream Summit October 2 and 3!

Things have been busy. Lots to update you on.

Lots of recent TV appearances, including quite a few regarding our now-erstwhile green jobs czar, Van Jones. You can see all my recent TV clips here:

I've also been writing a fair amount, mostly for Fox Forum, and if you haven't been paying attention please do come to and take a look.

The main purpose of this email is to ask you to register for the 2009 Defending the American Dream Summit, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity Foundation:

I'm excited to be speaking to this gathering of free-market activists and especially excited to be speaking on the same program as some incredible world-class leaders in the fight for freedom and prosperity. Speakers like Larry Kudlow, Newt Gingrich, Jim DeMint, and my mentor: Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal.

We need to send Congress a strong message that we are paying attention and fighting back against big government power-grabs. This event will keep the momentum from the tea parties, town halls, and 9-12 march going strong into October when it will likely be crunch time on health care and possibly also on cap-and-trade.

The early registration price is only available for a few more days. Please register today at

If you do register, please take a moment to reply to this email and let me know that I will see you there!

Yours truly,
Phil Kerpen

P.S. Please connect with me on Twitter ( and Facebook ( if you haven't already! And listen to my daily 2-minute podcast, available on or through iTunes (search "kerpen"). Thanks!

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