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Obamacare supporters won’t fix their own mess

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Nobody facing voters this year is even attempting to defend Obamacare. Republicans are promising to replace it with a patient-centered alternative. Democrats are promising to “fix it.” The fight over the political middle is about which side will actually clean up the Obamacare mess.

The bad news for Democrats trying to ride the “fix it” wave is that their actions betray their words. The Senate has refused to allow even committee consideration of about 40 House-passed bills fixing the worst elements of the law. The Senate has passed zero health care bills of its own.

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Obamacare Welfare Expansion is Morally Wrong and Economically Destructive


The Supreme Court struck down Obamacare’s mandatory Medicaid expansion as an unconstitutional commandeering of the states, setting off bruising battles over the issue in state capitals. No place has been more brutal than Maine, where a liberal attack group actually sent out a mail piece criticizing Dale Crafts, a wheelchair-bound state legislator, because he “failed to stand up to Gov. LePaige.”

Crafts, in turn, provided a powerfully succinct argument against expansion:

“I voted against Obamacare’s welfare expansion because I go to work every day in my wheelchair, and I don’t think I should be paying extra taxes just so able-bodied young men can get free Medicaid.”

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The Company Grimes Keeps

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By Phil Kerpen and Jim Martin

From Lexington to Louisville, Paducah to Pikeville, and Hima to Hazard Alison Lundergan Grimes has gone to great lengths to portray herself to Kentuckians as a moderate Democrat willing to take on liberal special interests. It is ironic then that she was recently in Chicago being celebrated by an elite who’s who of liberal billionaires and political insiders. In fact, Grimes was a prime guest at the off-the record Democracy Alliance forum where she raised money not just for her own campaign, but also for a broad array of major liberal interest groups and Super PACs that she hopes will help propel her to the United States Senate, keeping it under the iron-fisted liberal control of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

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Actually, Obamacare State Exchanges Have Wasted $1.2 Billion


Kyle Cheney of Politico is a solid, straight news reporter. So I was a little surprised this morning to see his analysis of state Obamacare exchange spending features numbers much smaller than the ones I have been using, most notably a figure of $248 million for Oregon and just $57 million for Massachusetts. Total federal grant funding to Oregon’s failed exchange, according to CMS, is $305 million. Massachusetts, according to CMS, is at $179 million.

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Correct spelling, canceled


By Phil Kerpen

As an American, I laugh at those archaic British spellings. Colour? Honour? Their inferiourity, if you will, is obvious. Centre? Theatre? Ridiculous. Most of these barbaric forms were corrected in America hundreds of years ago. Yet one galling Britishism is appearing on my computer screen all too frequently of late: “cancelled,” with a gratuitous extra l.

Does something about Obamacare drive otherwise reasonable people to write about health plans being “cancelled” instead of “canceled”? Does the prospect of intrusive government involvement in health care cause us to regress? Is it subconscious deference to British and Canadian expertise at imposing socialized medicine? Whatever the cause, it needs to stop.

Health care law is a moral failure


The United States federal government is now mandating, under penalty of law, that millions of Americans purchase a product through a broken website. Is that fair? Is it moral?

An estimated 16 million people recently received letters indicating that their health plans are no longer available. So they head to to see what plans are available to them. And the website doesn’t work.

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