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Googling Obama's Reelection


President Obama's reelection was a triumph of Big Data, technological innovation, and precision targeting over the usual gravity of an incumbent president with a record of economic failure. This was facilitated by largest data trove in the world, Google, lending talent, expertise, and quite possibly data to the cause. Now Google CEO Eric Schmidt is being rumored as a potential Commerce Secretary or even Treasury Secretary — the top economic policy position — in Obama's second term. That's probably far-fetched, but the close relationship between the administration and Google deserves scrutiny.

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Obama’s secret (and illegal) regulatory bomb

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The fiscal cliff looms and, because it would be the largest tax hike in history, certainly deserves all the attention it’s getting. But a regulatory cliff also looms — an astonishingly growth-crushing regulatory agenda that could be even more devastating than the fiscal cliff. How devastating? Obama refuses to tell us. And that’s illegal.

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Obama or Romney: Recession or Real Recovery?

The economy is limping along at an official 2 percent growth rate — and even that is overstated because it includes a 9.6 percent increase in deficit-financed government spending. The private sector grew at just 1.6 percent last quarter. Employment data remains weak. Household incomes continue to fall. We're already in the recession red zone, and the largest tax hike in American history looms January 1 if Congress fails to reach an agreement to cancel it. In this contest, the presidential election boils down to a remarkably simple choice: recession or real recovery.

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Obama has continued Bush’s failed policies


Romney’s biggest missed opportunity in the second debate wasn’t on Libya – he’ll get to address that in depth in the third debate. It was on the question about how he would differ from Bush administration economic policies. It was a missed opportunity because he should have connected the dots between Obama and Bush to illustrate the accurate point that on the most significant dimensions of economic policy, Obama has accelerated Bush’s policy errors rather than reversing them.

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