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The Senate's chance to block Obama’s war on coal


Emissions rule threatens to pull plug on source of affordable electricity

By Phil Kerpen
Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The president’s Dream Act-by-dictate provides the latest evidence of this administration’s determination to push its agenda through without respect to Congress, the Constitution or the rule of law. While there are enough examples to fill a book (which I wrote and titled “Democracy Denied”), the most outrageous of all is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) being used to advance an extreme anti-energy agenda that the American people decisively rejected when Mr. Obama proposed it as cap-and-trade. Wednesday we’ll find out where every U.S. senator stands.

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Manchin must take dead aim at EPA rule


Surely the senator will rally other coal-state Dems

Tuesday June 19, 2012
by Donna Holstine, Phil Kerpen

In his 2010 race for the U.S. Senate, Joe Manchin was able to turn the tide with one of the most memorable TV commercials of all time.

Titled "Dead Aim," the spot featured Manchin shooting a bullet through Obama's cap-and-trade bill.

Now Obama is pursuing the same disastrous ends of the cap-and-trade bill by different means, including a regulation known as Utility MACT, and Manchin must take "dead aim" at it by convincing his colleagues, including Jay Rockefeller, Bob Casey Jr., and Sherrod Brown to vote to stop it.

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Collins has another chance to lead on common-sense regulation


By Phil Kerpen, Special to the BDN
Posted June 18, 2012, at 4:42 p.m.

No one has done more to try to make one such regulation, the EPA Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology rule, or MACT, more reasonable than Sen. Susan Collins, who recently got a bipartisan majority of the Senate to vote for her amendment to fix those rules. A filibuster thwarted her efforts.

Now, she’ll have a chance to vote on a sister rule that applies the same unreasonable standards to utility boilers. The Utility MACT vote, however, will be protected from filibuster and therefore stands a good chance of passage. Collins should again lead.

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Will a Republican save Obama’s War on Coal?


Published June 12, 2012

The only Senate Republican who has publicly sided with Obama in support of the disastrous Utility MACT regulation that would cripple coal-fired power plants and therefore imperil our fragile economic recovery is Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander, and he has been exposed to his constituents in a hard-hitting TV ad being run by my group, American Commitment.

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Another EPA bureaucrat exposed!


It’s an outrage. One EPA administrator already resigned for admitting he likes to crucify oil and gas companies. Now another EPA administrator has admitted what we already knew — that the Obama administration intends to destroy the coal industry. That’s bad news for anyone who turns on a light switch, because it means steeply higher electricity prices.

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