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Opting Out of Hidden Taxes


The Senate shouldn’t let the IRS trample states on health care.

By Phil Kerpen

In an affront to openness and representative government, the IRS is attempting to rewrite the president’s health-care law to overrule states that lawfully opted out of vast new taxpayer-funded subsidies to insurance companies. Fortunately, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has stepped forward with a resolution, S.J. Res. 48, that would overturn the IRS power grab. If enough of his Senate colleagues sign on, he can force a Senate floor vote, giving the American people an opportunity to see where every senator stands. It might be the only health-care vote in the Senate before the November elections.

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Bureaucratic Denial-of-Care or Individual Choice?


Without reform Medicare will go bankrupt. So, it is not a question of “if” Medicare will be cut but “how.” President Barack Obama’s approach is to simply gut Medicare’s funding and let the bureaucrats decide who does or doesn’t receive care. Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s approach is to inject individual choice and competition into the program to provide more with less and to let patients, not bureaucrats, decide how to spend scarce resources. Ryan’s approach puts seniors first; Obama’s puts Washington bureaucrats first.

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It’s Obama’s Plan that Guts Medicare


If Republicans ignored public opinion to gut Medicare to the tune of $741 billion over 10 years (and about $5 trillion over 20 years) there would be no other issue in any federal election until that law got repealed. Democrats would be relentless and seniors would be up-in-arms. And understandably so, especially because about 10,000 baby boomers are now retiring every day.

Yet that was precisely what Obama’s health care law did to Medicare, and the liberal media is dutifully downplaying the significance of these devastating cuts.

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A Clear Contrast on Wind Subsidies


President Obama and Governor Romney are worlds apart on energy, with Obama favoring severe restrictions on fossil fuel development and a “doubling down” (Obama is fond of this gambling terminology) on failed solar and wind subsidies. Romney would get government out of the way and unleash the ingenuity of the American free market system to develop our energy resources without the heavy hand of government tipping the scales.

Nowhere has that heavy hand cost us more than the enormous subsidies for industrial wind turbines known as the Production Tax Credit (PTC).

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Farming For Food Stamps


Can a piece of legislation be a “farm bill” if nearly 80 percent of its spending goes to food stamps? According the United States Congress – yes.

The Senate passed its so-called farm bill — whose $970 billion price tag is 78 percent food stamps — on a 65-34 vote. There were 16 Republican “yes” votes. The House agriculture committee passed its so-called farm bill — whose $957 billion price tag is 79 percent food stamps — on a 35-11 vote. There were only four Republican “no” votes. Now Speaker John Boehner, who so far is holding firm, is coming under intense pressure to bring it to the floor. Let’s be honest: it’s not a farm bill. And Boehner should scuttle it permanently.

Read the rest at American Commitment and contact Congress on this issue here.

Last chance for the Keystone Pipeline


Published July 23, 2012

Blocking the Keystone XL pipeline has become an obsession of the environmental left, even though the economic consequences are severe in terms of lost jobs and access to energy resources. Now, after years of study, the State Department has opened an official comment docket on some final routing changes in Nebraska, but what should be a simple and quick approval could instead derail the project for good. Green groups are pouring in thousands of comments urging the State Department to start the entire review process from the very beginning. It would let Obama quietly study the pipeline to death.

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