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Medicare Needs More Competition Not Less


Senate Democrats are finally beginning the process of writing a budget after four years of dereliction. They will almost certainly include some changes to Medicare, the largest driver of federal spending and debt. But unfortunately, there are indications that they intend to focus on the small piece of Medicare (10.6 percent in 2012) that is actually working well: the Medicare Part D prescription drug program.

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Why Obama's pick for EPA should not be confirmed


Obama’s pick for EPA administrator, Gina McCarthy, is being praised for her role in developing the Obama administration’s fuel economy standards. Roll Call reports that McCarthy “oversaw… stricter fuel economy standards for cars and trucks.” NPR says “she played a key role in doubling automotive fuel-economy standards.” But when McCarthy herself was asked about the rules in a congressional oversight hearing, she said: “We do not regulate fuel economy.” Why?

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Bloomberg Bans Again

Having already banned smoking and large soft drinks, and taken steps against trans fats and salt, America’s foremost proponent of government control over consumer choices has set his sights on Styrofoam food containers. But don’t worry. “We’re not banning everything!” Mayor Michael Bloomberg insists. So take solace, New Yorkers — this is a significant pullback from the mayor’s 2007 statement: “We ban everything.”

Banning Styrofoam (actually a brand name; the general term is polystyrene foam) is yet another ridiculous “priority” from the mayor who overturned the city’s term limits — twice approved by the voters — on the theory that his financial expertise was indispensable, then spent his third term ignoring finances so he could focus on banning, well, maybe not everything, but a lot of things.

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Government Spending Hurts People


We should not accept the statist premise that most government spending helps people. Government spending is not just wasteful or inefficient, but all too often serves to crush the private economy and individual freedom.

In the coming days the media will provide a constant stream of purported victims of spending cuts. But for every victim of cuts there are victims of government spending itself. There are people who lost their businesses because of overzealous federal bureaucrats, who were trapped in dependency and despair by welfare programs, who were forced to pay higher bills to enrich the crony friends of politicians, and who lost their jobs because the government favored a competitor.

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