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Want To Buy A Bridge To Nowhere?


By Phil Kerpen
September 10, 2008

The issue of pork-barrel earmarks exploded into the national consciousness in recent years, with outrage over the pork-stuffed highway bill of 2005 working its way through the grassroots into the mainstream and the Bridge to Nowhere becoming the most visible symbol of wasteful spending. While Senator Barack Obama is attacking Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for voicing some general support for the bridge before later deciding to kill the project, Obama himself voted for the bridge at least twice, which begs the question - does Obama still support the Bridge to Nowhere, and if so, wouldn't it be a good idea to change that position?

The McBush smear


Whatever one thinks of McCain, he is nothing like George Bush
Tuesday, September 09, 2008
By Phil Kerpen

The Obama-Biden campaign holds itself out as a positive beacon of hope and change, but one of its central messages is a negative smear of Sen. John McCain. They call him George Bush. It is a lie. Mr. McCain is not Mr. Bush: not in his policy positions, not in his Senate record and certainly not in his campaign tactics.

Drilling down on the drill ban


Could leave a lasting legacy for Bush
Phil Kerpen
Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The offshore oil and gas and Rocky Mountain oil shale development ban days are numbered - 35 days and counting, to be specific. That's because the bans expire at the end of this fiscal year, Sept. 30, and come October there is nothing in current law that prevents green-lighting the leasing and exploration process. President Bush has persistently called on Congress to act on drilling, but the ball is now in his court, not theirs. If he pledges to veto an extension of the ban, opponents of oil drilling will have no other option but to cave in, because veto-sustaining blocks in both Houses of Congress have made their commitment to allowing the ban to end, clear in writing.

Drilling for Victory

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Bush, Republicans, and Americans all stand to gain if the moratorium on offshore drilling is lifted.

By Phil Kerpen

With President Bush and congressional Republicans beating the drums daily for more oil and gas production, the Democrats are finally starting to crack and offer compromises. The Democrats, of course, can read the polls, and they know drilling is the one issue that threatens their otherwise commanding position heading into the November elections. But Bush and the Republicans can do better than a compromise. Indeed, a full no-compromise victory on domestic energy production is less than two months away if they can just stick together and defend current law.

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